What We Do

B2B Mobile Auction launched in 2014 with a new approach to the used smartphone industry. We realized that while this market continues to grow every year, the challenge, particularly when working with other countries, is finding a supplier you can trust.  

When we opened our doors, we knew the way to succeed was through a commitment to reliability, honesty and customer care. Our company mission became our three Q’s:  

Quality in large Quantity, delivered Quickly. 

Our goal is to be the dependable, consistent source for resellers who depend on a steady flow of reliable, affordable inventory to fuel their businesses.  

Today, we process 50,000 devices a month and ship to most parts of the world. We go beyond industry norms to make sure every device we touch is exactly as described and always gets to the right place at the right time.


Why Businesses Choose B2B for Bulk Wholesale Phones

Buying mobile phones in bulk is easy when you can choose from wholesale mobile phones with consistent inventory available in all major brands.

Benefits of partnering with B2B Mobile Auction for high volume cell phone sales:

  • We Ship Worldwide on all bulk orders
  • Bulk Phones Ship Within 24 Hours
  • Steady, Affordable Inventory
  • All Major Brands
  • R2 Certified

Our most popular brands for buying cell phones in bulk include:

  • iPhone: iPhone 11, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro
  • Samsung: Samsung S20 Ultra, Samsung S21 Ultra, Samsung S22 Ultra, Samsung A53 5G, Samsung A14, Samsung AO3
  • AT&T: AT&T Flex Flip, Hot Pepper Puya

Have questions? Our sales team is here for you: 410-989-3931