Quality Control

Besides our own products, B2B also offers quality control for yours. Suppliers and competitors trust our experienced technicians to test and grade their own electronics. In addition, we offer FRP removal to delete Google accounts on your devices. We also purchase overstock, excess inventory, and scrap materials.

B2B Mobile Auction is an R2 Certified electronics recycling company. We’ve made it our mission to erase all personal data on pre-owned devices and we’re committed to protecting the environment from harmful metals and materials. We don’t just protect sensitive information; we also preserve and maintain the earth we share. In order to carry out our goals, we carry the following certifications: Responsible Recycling ©R2.

Our Future

B2B is committed to providing quality services and products. We’re continually growing, and as our operations expand, so does our investment in the environment. Just as our commitment to recycling drives us to do what’s best for the earth, our investment in people moves us to do what’s best for them. If you’d like to utilize our services and be a part of what we do at B2B, call us at 410-989-3931.

Have questions? Our sales team is here for you: 410-989-3931