Grading Scales

We receive and sell devices across a wide range of conditions. We adhere to a rigorous inspection, testing and strict grading process so you always know exactly what to expect with your purchases from B2B Mobile. Take a look at the comprehensive, yet easy to follow Cosmetic and Functional Grading scales below. Our B2B team is available if you ever have any questions. 

Cosmetic Grading

NEW, New Kitted, New HSO
Scratches Dents Discoloration
Front 0 0 0
Back 0 0 0
Frame 0 0 0

Functional Grading

A+ Like new.
A/A- Excellent Condition - 2 scratches less than 2 inches.
A/B- Very Good Condition - Up to 5 scratches that the finger nail can feel.
B/C Fair Condition - Will have visible signs of use.

A+ A/A- A/B B/C Burn/
Black Dots/
Dead Pixel
Minor Cracks No Face ID
Replaced Part
Auto Vibration
Bottom Microphone PB
Camera Flash
Charge Port
Connectivity Signal Test / Activation
Earpiece Microphone
Flip Switch
Force Touch & 3D Touch
Front Camera
Front Microphone PB
Glass Condition
GPS / Location Services
Headset Jack
Home Button
iCloud Lock
LCD & Dead Pixels
Lost / Stolen / Blacklisted
Loud Speaker
Power Button
Proximity & Light Sensors
Rear Main Camera
Screen Rotation
Edge Screen
Touch ID & Fingerprint Sensor
True Depth Camera / Face ID
Video Microphone
Volume Down button
Volume Up Button
WiFi Connectivity
Network & Manufacturer Lock
Activation and Reset Locks
Jailbreak & Rooting Detection
Battery 80% and UP

Have questions? Our sales team is here for you: 410-989-3931